Wang Chen
Based in Shandong, China and Melbourne, Australia
1991 Born in Jinan, Shandong
2014 Bachelor of Arts (Photography), Shandong Normal University
2018 Master of Fine Art, RMIT University
Wang Chen builds up her unique mode of artistic creation by examining two major methods, found footage and original footage, in video art. She acquires her creating inspiration and power from the reflection of her past trauma and feeling of the present state of life.
At the beginning of Wang Chen career in art practice, she regarded art more as a means of therapy to heal her early-life trauma. During the time of MFA study, the topic of Wang Chen’s artworks were most related to the traumatic memory of her childhood, her parents and her family. Alongside the exploration into her own view of the world, the theme of Wang Chen’s art-making extended from her inner world to the external real world. The focus of her art-related topics and material then spread out like ripples. She gradually laid her eyes on the present context over the past. At present, Chen does not only aim to create emotionally resonant artworks, to introspect her internal emotion and memory; Her works also interpret her perception and understanding of the world.
1991 生于山东济南,现居澳大利亚墨尔本
2014 毕业于山东师范大学摄影系 获学士学位
2018 毕业于皇家墨尔本理工大学(RMIT)纯艺术(Fine Art)系 获硕士学位​